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Multimedia Storyteller

Nyembezi Phiri specialises in creating value-driven messages and stories for African audiences. She started out as a graphic designer in Johannesburg but ended up growing her education and experience as an art director, working on local or localised African brands such as Visa, Nivea Men, Cell C, Safaricom and more. A natural storyteller, she is transitioning to film as a primary medium of expression, having created two award-winning non-fiction shorts. Her first fictional story is currently in production in collaboration with local enablers.

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Urban Designer and Educator

Dr. Gerald Chungu is an Architect and Urban Designer whose work experience includes 9 years in Shanghai where he produced various works in Architecture, Urban Design, Interior Design and Furniture Design. Through broad experience, he has come to value innovation as a problem-solving process that can be successfully applied in various spheres of everyday life. He holds a PhD in Urbanism from the University of Venice and is currently a postgraduate lecturer at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa.

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Audiovisual Producer

Keith Wako is a multimedia experiential expert with a wide portfolio which includes creating sound design for commercial use and art directing for brands such as Airtel and Carlsberg in Malawi. In the visual medium, he has worked for Ogilvy in translating international strategies into locally flavoured content that drives sales but he is currently working on audiovisual collaborations that empower audiences, especially within the region of southern Africa.

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