The home of passion projects by pro African creators and makers who collaborate for change.



We collaborate with project leaders who are working on impact-driven projects and content as an objective.

Our creating process


Each member of the Firestarters collective comes with different skills and experience but we all start with identifying the problem being solved or the value being brought forward for our communities, users, or audiences. It is this value that we attempt to frame into a big idea which informs everything else that we create or make.

Build your own power team


Whether an initiative requires two Firestarters for deep strategic insights to inform a transformative local vision or a full team to act as a partner agency for a solution-based initiative, our team size is based on available resources and is often dictated by the reality of timelines.

About our collective 


“This [coming together] was enlightening for my vision of disrupting storytelling for children in Africa. It was unreal but this was real as it can get. Thank you.” 


Anthea Thyssen Ambursley, Educational Activist

Anthea is a South African educator, author, speaker and philanthropist

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